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September 2021

How To Know If You’re Addicted To Gambling (Self-Help Therapy)

Understanding yourself isn’t that much of a task. For sure you know what you want and what you like to do. You spend time doing certain things only to cope with daily stress, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But there are some activities or stress-coping mechanisms that aren’t as good as you thought they were – for example, gambling.

Like many addictive behavioral issues, gambling can cause a lot of trouble when not taken care of. You might think of it as an entertaining habit that makes you forget about your life stressors, but it is an entirely dangerous option, to begin with. Because no matter how much you try and control yourself and regardless of how confident you think you are, you will never get rid of the habit that easily.

With that, you should at least take notes of the warning signs of gambling addiction before it could escalate into something you would regret in the long run.


You Enjoy Gambling More Than Anything – Now, this one might be exaggerated. But when you notice that you seem to enjoy gambling more than anything else, that can be a sign of addiction. You will know that it is serious when you can no longer look into your priorities the same way. You will begin to believe that gambling can solve your emotional, physical, and mental problems, especially during winning times. You will be drawn more into the habit because you will feel entertained.

You Gamble Until There’s Nothing Left With You – Gambling isn’t the entire problem. Rather, it is your response to the activity. The main idea of gambling is to entertain. But when you find yourself gambling until there’s nothing left for your needs, it is a strong sign of addiction. When you can no longer pay your bills and cannot put food on the table, your condition might be in a severe state. You would know you’re addicted when you compromise everything and choose to gamble regardless of the consequences.

You’re In Denial Of Your Gambling Habits – In some instances, trying to talk yourself out about the importance of gambling in your life is so damaging. It makes you believe that you stick with the habit because it serves as a necessity. Perhaps it makes you happy. Thus, you often do not want to talk about the negative side effects of gambling on your life. And that is precisely an indication that you are addicted to gambling.

You Face Series Of Financial Problems Big Time – One significant factor that tells you that you’re addicted to gambling is your financial state. Perhaps you would gamble with your excess money to entertain and live the moment. However, when you constantly borrow money from others only to desperately continue gambling, that is a red flag. It indicates that your desire for gambling tripled, and it is only a matter of time before people will stop helping you. You will soon end up with a devastating financial downfall.


You Steal Things To Support Your Gambling Habit – This one is pretty much over the top. Sadly, it happens. You will surely know that you’re addicted to gambling when you can no longer control the urge. And when that happens, you are more likely to engage in criminal behaviors. Because when there is not much option left, you know you can resort to stealing to support your addiction. And that is a sign of the immediate need for mental health intervention.

You Become Unable To Regulate Your Emotions – As much as you want to point out that gambling is just entertainment, you will eventually feel that it takes a toll on your overall emotional function. Gambling can cause serious emotional side effects that soon develop into a disorder such as anxiety and depression. You know that you are addicted when you begin to experience emotional consequences such as feelings of despair and helplessness. You will soon become significantly prone to psychological distress.

You Become Socially Troubled And Dysfunctional – Another sign that can tell you that you’re addicted to gambling is your troubled and dysfunctional relationship with the important people in your life. You know it’s not okay when you can no longer maintain a healthy relationship with other people. You might find yourself socially withdrawn and unable to communicate. You will only think of yourself, and you would rather choose to shut down everyone that is not in favor of your negative gambling behavior.


A Piece Of Advice

It takes more than just willpower to stop yourself from gambling. You might want to acknowledge professional help to successfully recover from this debilitating addiction. Please don’t wait for it to get worse, and accept that you need help. Identify and address the underlying issues of gambling addiction before it ruins your entire life.