8 Common Behavioral Addictions

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Other activities can be caused by behavioral addiction. Drugs and alcohol are not the only things that people can get addicted to, and with that, these behavioral addictions can destroy one’s self and family.

Getting High On Something Other Than Drugs Or Alcohol

According to John M. Grohol, Psy.D. , An addiction can strike a person when they least expect it, as they’re trying to handle an increase in their workload, childcare or child-rearing, mental health issues, family issues, or for no reason whatsoever. It often begins innocently — trying to relieve the stress of everyday life, or just to try something new.” When we hear the word “addiction,” the first thing that comes to our mind is excessive use of alcohol or drugs. Too much use of these can cause physical and mental health problems to the users. But did you know that substances are not the only things that a person can get addicted to? Some behaviors that become habitual can be considered an addiction. Yes, it is not substance, and it is a person’s behavior. Shocking, isn’t it? Bad behavior practices like gambling, too much porn watching, promiscuity, extreme video games playing or anything that you’ve been obsessed to do are called behavioral addictions.

Some experts would say that these things can’t be considered an addiction. But some habits can be addictive because people are so hooked up on doing it. They say that they cannot live without it which is a symptom of addiction. Some of these habits are the following:

Gambling Addiction

One of the most common kinds of addiction like with the use of alcohol and drugs is gambling. Betting all that they have, even loan money just goes to casino and gamble, every day they are gambling, and they always look for gambling activities any time of the day. Some won’t even sleep just to gamble. They are obsessing, and the gambler’s behavior also changes a symptom of being addicted. Family can also be affected; works are influenced as well. These effects are the same as in alcohol or drug addiction. Treatments are the same, like rehabilitating of the abuser. Gambling addiction, also known as pathological gambling, compulsive gambling, problem gambling, or gambling disorder involves maladaptive patterns of gambling behavior that the individual persists with, despite negative consequences,” according to Elizabeth Hartney, BSc., MSc., MA, PhD.

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Sex Addiction

Sex is usual activities of both an opposite sex, but can someone be addicted to sex? If a person is too preoccupied with sexual fantasies, if they cannot control their urge to have sex and don’t think of any consequences this may lead to a disorder and can be considered as sex addiction. Treatment is advisable as well, like other celebrities who are rehabilitated with this addiction.

Internet Addiction

Everyone uses the internet, whether for work, businesses, studies, and most especially for research and communications. But can excessive use of the internet be a disorder? Psychiatrists don’t consider it as an addiction, but with the harmful effect of obsession in using the internet then negative consequences and behavior may occur. Excessive uses of the internet affect your work, studies, and daily life and it is also needed for treatment.

Shopping Addiction

For others, to lessen stress and boredom shopping is the answer, they say it is a reward for their hard work and reward for themselves. But can shopping be considered an addiction? Shopping can be a disorder if the person buys something then eventually regret it afterward. If the person shops and shops even though he or she don’t need the items, then, that person can be a shopaholic. The result of this can affect one’s personality and of course, the finances of the person. According to the study, women had more cases of this disorder than men.

Video Game Addiction

Many people nowadays love to play video games because it is exciting and it kills time especially when we are bored. But is playing a video game can be considered as an addiction? If the person can get his hands off the console, then there must be a problem. This disorder may affect the person way of living, his job or studies, and behaviors are also affected. Most men have the most cases of this disorder, but the very alarming is that even a little boy is addicted to video games. Without proper guidance kid nowadays can have this disorder.

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Plastic Surgery Addiction

Some people are vain with their looks, they are not satisfied or want to improve how they look. And some of them undergo a painful way which is plastic surgery, but can it be an addiction? If the person goes to the plastic surgeon to undergo medical procedures which are excessive, then, it’s a disorder. It is also called body dysmorphic disorder (BDD).

Binge Eating Disorder: Food Addiction

Everyone loves to eat, and of course, we need to eat to survive. But can excessive eating can be a disorder? If the person eats to ease emotions or stress eating then feeling guilty after, if the person eats and eat even they are already full are considered to have this disorder. Experts say it is more called depression than a disorder. Excessive eating will lead to a more significant health problem as well. According to eating disorder specialist Nicole Pipitone, MAAT, LPC, “Eating disorders are one of the most complex disorders, and have the highest mortality rate of any other psychiatric illness.”

Risky Behavior Addiction

Doing some activities like skydiving, bungee jumping, riding roller coasters and more give thrill and excitement to a person, and this feeling is similar in drug addiction. It can also be a disorder in some ways, but it is more on hobbies and excitement than a disorder.

Behavior can be habitual that can lead to a disorder but not like physical addiction, but this can affect persons psychological functions.