How Reading Fitness Books Can Save You From Anxiety And Exercise Addiction

Some secrets should stay buried deep in our thoughts – too deep that even if someone tries to break your skull open will merely get anxiety and still not be able to find it. An example of it can be that time on your 8th grade when you passed gas loudly during Chemistry class and blamed the sound vehemently on the squeaking chair. Or those days when you were silently collecting clippings of your favorite boy band while all at once trying to appear that you are too cold to idolize anybody else. Or that disastrous lopsided haircut that you got from your mom, but you acted as if it was the latest hairstyle. Yeah, well-played, man.

All jokes on the side, if you are privy of any secret – anything at all – that everyone can benefit from, you should allow it to spread like the smoke emitted by an atomic bomb. After all, we have been reminded continuously as kids by our old man or woman that any comment we let slip out of our mouth should only be based on real facts. Truth is what’s supposed to set you free, after all. According to Tom Corboy, MFT, “meditation, yoga, or other calming practices can help minimize anxiety in both the short and long term.”


Nevertheless, in case you are struggling to find the most effective way to unshackle yourself from those annoying fats in your body, it is advisable to start reading fitness books before trying a new diet or going to the gym.  Engaging in enjoyable activities helps to soothe your anxiety. For instance, today, you might take a walk, listen to music or read a book”, Marla Deibler, PsyD For one, you won’t be doubting your actions and asking yourself if you’re on the right path. Furthermore, you won’t develop exercise addiction, which is a problem that folks rarely speak of.

Here are more benefits of doing so that have been found also in websites like

Understand Science Behind Muscle Gain (Or Lack Thereof)

You do not have to be a scientific wiz to realize why even after years and years of spending quality time in the fitness center, your ribs still look as if they are going to come out or your love handles are ruining your chances of meeting “the one.” Often, it is regardless of how much time you use up to lift weights or make protein shakes.

The primary reason is that everything has something to do with your genetic makeup. Some folks manage to lose or gain weight quickly, while others cannot. You ought to understand how your body functions to know the best way to generate muscles.

Not Workout Till You Drop

The only time you will see people crying in a gym is when they are either too frustrated with themselves or their trainer is making them work with various equipment for hours without end. We know that the instructors are merely doing what they think provides the most results; thus, they like pushing their trainees’ limits. However, they tend to forget sometimes that John cannot be Simon or vice versa. A method that works for one person may not be useful for the next fellow.

Besides, anyone who has worked out till they dropped from exhaustion has not attained the kind of physique that women drool over and other men envy. That is why some people have invented high- and low-intensity programs: to give everyone a chance to exercise at their own pace. Otherwise, you might get too exhausted, to the point that you let go of your dreams of having a healthier body.

Bulk Up In Two Months Or So

If the thought of achieving bulky muscles in two months intimidates you, maybe it is because you are getting encouragement and tips from individuals who think they understand muscle building better than anyone. They tend to say, “Hey, eat this thing” or “Oh, try this routine!”, but you do not notice a difference in your physique. Then, you might start wondering about what’s wrong with you.

What you need is the guidance of an expert whose experience was gained first-hand and whose ideas are quite diverse from what we are used to. Keep in mind that you can defy the norms sometimes, especially if the common beliefs are not working to your advantage.


Control Your Muscle Gain

While some men hit the gym because they want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger during his bodybuilding days, others only wish to be no longer compared with bamboo sticks or ten-wheelers. Well, whichever your goal is, you may be able to achieve it with the help of a fitness guide that may also contain some convenient ways to control the amount of muscle that you gain.

Considering you are not aware of how muscles grow, you should know that the muscle fibers tear and repair themselves after heavy training. Instead of binding every piece together, though, they bond with other strands and form bigger muscles. Hence, that dream weight of yours, as well as the six-pack abs that you have only appreciated from afar through the male models or athletes, are now within your reach.

Welcome Back, Self-Confidence

We all know that the driving force behind your efforts of having a well-toned body is your desire to finally be able to stand in front of the mirror with only two emotions. 1) Pride for doing a great job at gaining muscles; and 2) happiness for never hearing any criticism about your size.

Nonetheless, beyond finding a comprehensible fitness program (check for programs here: Babble), knowing that you can welcome your self-confidence back only after a couple of months without getting addicted to exercise is undoubtedly gratifying. According to Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S. , “Anxiety can feel overwhelming. It can feel like chains around your feet, weighing you down. But by taking small steps — like the ones above — you can minimize your anxiety and cope effectively.”

Good luck!