Overcoming Gambling Addiction: What Are The Ways?


Gambling, like smoking or drinking, is a pastime that many dabble into at least once out of curiosity. It promises easy money, you see, along with momentarily letting you forget your worries. Things can get ugly once your hours in the casino turns into days without showing signs of wanting to leave. That is the time when a mere activity escalates into a form of addiction.

Despite that, there’s always hope for you to correct your ways. In case you wish to stop your gambling addiction, below are the ways to ensure you’ll completely overcome it.


Want the change for yourself.

The initial desire to quit gambling should come from you. While family members or your children may inspire you to do so, it matters to peel off the bad habit mostly because you’ve realized its harsh effects on you and your relationships. Should you have other reason, you may try it half-heartedly and be at a higher risk of going back to your addicted self.

Face the issue.

Accept that you have a gambling problem. There’s no point to deny the matter because it is what it is. The situation is analogous to fighting a monster in the dark without a night vision. If you can’t admit that to yourself even when you’re all alone, how will you be able to move forward and get better?

Source: https://www.quora.com/

Forget labels.

“A parent’s attitude about gambling can affect a child’s attitude about it,” says Emily Mendez, M.S., EdS., who specializes in addiction and substance abuse. Parents choose angelic names for children because of an old superstition that it will somehow make their behaviors similar to that of their namesake. Maybe it’s a coincidence, perhaps it’s not, but a lot of people do try to live up to the labels given to them.

What it shows is how much power a simple name has over the individual. Hence, once you keep on saying you’re an addict, you’re not exactly giving yourself a chance to recuperate from it.

Avoid feeling bored.

Addicts, in general, turn into one because they grow dependent on the exhilarating feeling that the substance brings to the table. Gamblers are not exempted to that, of course, since it’s admittedly fun to play cards or bet on stuff whether you win or not.

Now, the urge to return to the gambling place is at its peak when most of your hours day or night are free. This is what we want to avoid; that’s why we encourage people to plan days ahead of time. You’ll never have too much downtime than to want to gamble again.

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Overcome stress.

Stress is among the various things you can temporarily get away from through gambling. Working effectively with stress requires taking control of our responsibility and our attitude, “ says Alicia H. Clark, PsyD. Once the social and life pressures feel too heavy, however, you may become more aware than ever of the temptations around you. Due to that, it’s vital to cull the root of your stress because it consumes your new disposition.


Gambling is a real problem that can make lose yourself over time. “Addiction to gambling has many common characteristics with addiction to alcohol and drugs,” explains Antonis Parios, a Greek psychotherapist. If the ways mentioned above don’t suffice, feel free to consult a professional.