The Hidden Truth Behind The Reality Of Addiction


Counselors reveal secrets that they desperately want to share to those who are suffering from addiction or those who know one. Whether it’s alcohol, substance, or gambling addiction, consider the following crucial information as useful advice to take your life back.






Addiction Happens Due To An Underlying Problem


When a person becomes an addict, it’s not because of the drugs or the booze but because of issues that are shoved underneath a rug. Although somehow psychological and biological elements are involved, focusing on healing or resolving the underlying problem that caused the obsession in the first place is more efficient. As what Darlene Lancer, JD, MFT  said, Alcoholics drink to ease their emotional pain and emptiness. Some try to control their drinking and may be able to stop for a while, but once alcohol dependency takes hold, most find it impossible to drink like nonalcoholics.”


Usually, drug and alcohol dependence are just by-products of a specific personal dilemma. To investigate what these issues are and address them once and for all, seeking the help of counselors is recommended.






Telling Yourself That You’re Willing To Be Rehabilitated


Initially, the most crucial step towards rehabilitation is proclaiming that you are ready to come clean. After accepting the problematic reality that you are about to go into rigorous recovery, the next thing to do is to let those who love you and care about you know that you’ll be needing help to conquer the journey to self-healing.


Furthermore, by acknowledging your fate, you are required to get ready regarding your finances, insurance, and treatment centers. Of course, your counselor will provide suggestions on where you should admit yourself, but the decision is mainly up to you.


You’re Not Having A Regular Spa Day


For those who think that getting help and being admitted to treatment centers are similar to having weeks’ long relaxation at a luxurious spa, prepare to get disappointed. Getting well does not resemble a spa day. Although yoga, beach walks, and massage therapy are included in most treatments, the overall experience of being managed for addiction is one of the toughest challenges that one has to face.


Probably one of the hardest phases of the therapeutic process is when the addicts are asked to explore traumatic experiences in the past. This process will feel uncomfortable, unpleasant, and painful but it’s a process that one has to face. Treatment will only work to its fullest potential if the person is determined to work the path of adversity.


Relapses Are Normal


As previously stated, the process of getting better is not a walk in the park or for this case, a day at a spa. Just because you’ve decided to get treated doesn’t mean that you won’t be relapsing. A lot of addicts have relapsed not only once but twice or thrice. Don’t worry. Relapses are part of the healing process. There is no shame in accepting that you are gradually falling again and again and again to your addiction. And even if you’ve fallen dozens of times, it does not mean that you lost the battle. Get up, dust yourself, sleep on it, and in the morning, you try again. Stop wasting your time and energy crucifying yourself and instead be even more determined the next time.


You Are Only Lying To Yourself


Addiction is a pronounced condition that can quickly be pointed out by people around you even before you acknowledge that you do have a problem. Therefore, lying to your loved ones’ faces and denying that you are becoming a drug or substance enthusiast will not help your circumstance at all. The only person you’re fooling is yourself. By being honest that something’s wrong and acknowledging that you have been using prohibited drugs or finishing up bottles and bottles of alcohol because you want to repress what you feel is another vital step in efficient and assertive recovery.


You Won’t Be Transformed Into Someone New


You will still be the same old person but with better and healthier life choices. The moment you go into therapy and strictly follow the treatment plan, you are tapping into a part of yourself that is more nourishing, vigorous, and lively. Recovering from addiction will reinforce the testing of a person’s spirituality, but instead of emerging as somebody new, you will be more connected to that part of you that insists on becoming healthier. This just means that there is this part of you that has been concealed for a very long time that, yearning for peace and happiness. Engaging in some type of regular volunteer activity on at least a monthly basis, or just spending more time doing loving, kind things for the people in your life, helps get you out of your own head, creates well-being for others, and makes you feel good about yourself,” shares Jennice Vilhauer Ph.D.





The Healing Process Is All On You


Remember, addiction is something that you’ve done to yourself and blaming someone else for the problem is never beneficial. Although there are instances that it’s really somebody else’s fault, leaning towards alcohol, drugs, or gambling was your choice.With that in mind, the focus of the treatment must only be on you because you cannot change other people but you can definitely do something about yourself. According to John M. Grohol, Psy.D., “Recovery from addiction is more than possible, but requires a person’s strong commitment to change.”


It’s not what people do but how you react to what they do. The truth is, people who suffer from addiction usually have a disconnect between one’s self. When people are detached from themselves, they should first find themselves before being saved from addiction.