Tips In Helping A Friend With Addiction

Having a friend who is suffering from addiction can be challenging. There are many things that you need to remember, especially when their personality starts to change. Most of the time, you will have better days together. However, there are also days when you would find it hard to deal with them. As such, you need to equip or give yourself with lots of patience and understanding. Aside from this, it is also crucial on your part to make an effort in establishing a more stable relationship with them. As much as possible, make an ultimate promise to yourself that you will never give up on them.

Build a solid, social-sober support network, and try to include people who also suffer from depressive disorders and are in recovery,” suggested  Richard Zwolinski, LMHC, CASAC, SAP, ADS and C.R. Zwolinski


In today’s article, we are going to teach you some tips and tricks to remember when it comes to helping a friend with addiction. Keep in mind that you can be the source of strength and happiness for this person. Because of this, you have to see to it that you will be committed to offering your helping hand. You have to stop thinking about the sacrifices that you may need to make. Instead, focus on being the instrument of hope for your friend. Here are things to remember:


Learn More About The Addiction


The first or initial thing that you must do is to find time to understand more about the addiction or disorder that your friend is suffering from. Keep in mind that each type of addiction has a different set of signs and symptoms. For example, if your friend is going through drug addiction, he may show an attitude that is different from one who is suffering from smoking addiction. If possible, research more about the illness so that you can have a better understanding of the other person. The more knowledge you have about the addiction, the better it is on your part. There is hope, and there is help for the addict and for codependent family members. The first step is to learn as much as you can about alcoholism and codependency,” said Darlene Lancer, JD, MFT.


Be A Shoulder To Cry On


Are you aware that most of the people suffering from addiction have a traumatic past or are experiencing problems in their day-to-day life? As a friend, you need to be available to the other person at all times. He must think of you first before he does something that he will regret. We understand that you are also going through your battles in life. However, you must never forget that there is no justifiable reason for not helping a friend out. Sometimes, you should learn to make some sacrifices.


Do Fun Things Together


Another way of helping someone with an addiction is to make him realize that there are so many other things that he can do with his life. Keep in mind that you can always encourage your friend to try something new. Make him see that he can still have fun even without the use of drugs. If you want this tip to be useful, we highly recommend that you also dedicate your time and efforts in doing those fun activities with your friend. Whenever you have time, be sure to do some exciting things together. The more you do this, the easier or better things may become for both of you. For family and friends of drug- or alcohol-addicted individuals, addressing the addiction is one of the most difficult aspects of helping the addicted person seek treatment,”  as said Steven Gifford, LICDC, LPC.