When Your Husband Has Video Game Addiction 

When you are in a relationship with a man who finds happiness in playing video games, you are in for an emotional ride. Be prepared for the times he wouldn’t be able to answer your calls or messages. There will be times when he will forget special occasions. And most of the time, he just wouldn’t have time because he would be busy playing video games. When his hobby is already affecting your relationship, it is somewhat an addiction.  

“Gaming disorder is characterized by a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behavior (also referred to as digital gaming or video-gaming), that may be primarily conducted over the Internet (online) or primarily conducted not on the Internet (offline),” according to John M. Grohol, Psy.D.

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Here Are The Signs Your Boyfriend Or Husband Is A Video Game Addict: 


  1. It is dinner time, and he’ll tell you to go ahead and eat first because he has a game to finish. 
  1. He would watch gameplays on Youtube when he is not playing. 
  1. He has a higher number of gamer friends than those who he can talk about adult things like work. 
  1. He is moody. You wouldn’t be able to talk to him when he’s in a game. 
  1. He gets mad at you for interrupting him while playing. 
  1. He spends too much money on games rather than on important stuff in the house like food, etc. 
  1. He shows little interest in what you’re saying. 
  1. He spends more time playing video games than playing with the kids or talking to you. 
  1. He jumps from one job to another. 
  1. He never plans on traveling or going on vacation. 


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Getting into a relationship with a video game addict is depressive. It makes you question your worth. 


“Why does he give more time and importance in playing games than he does with me? He doesn’t love me!” 

“Video gaming addiction, and addictions in general, have biological components as well as psychological ones. The biological components are that game addicts show an increased release of the mood-regulating chemicals dopamine and glutamate in the brain. It is a highly rewarding, stimulating, and motivating activity. And our brains know it,” according to mental health counselor Kristi A. DeName.

You keep hurting and asking yourself this but keep on holding on because you’re still hoping he would quit. 


BUT REMEMBER THIS: If he has all the signs mentioned above, he has an addiction, and just like drugs, alcohol, and gambling, there is an urge that he needs to fulfill, and otherwise, it affects his emotional state. There is a process to overcome this addiction, so he just won’t quit because you told him so. 


Things You Can Do To Help You Boyfriend Or Husband Overcome Addiction: 


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  1. Think of other stuff he used to love like sports. Gradually divert his attention by inviting him to develop a healthy hobby like physical sports, maybe basketball. 
  1. Always cook an enticing meal and prepare the table in a way that he couldn’t say no. 
  1. Surprise him with a ticket to go on vacation. He might hesitate at first, but once he gets to the place, he may find it relaxing. 
  1. Don’t nag or make a scene about him playing video games. Tell him nicely that he needs to be off it at a specific time because he needs to do something else. 
  1. When all the above fails, ask for professional help. 

“Admission from the addict is essential. No progress can be made without an acknowledgment that there is a problem. Counseling, support groups, and abstaining from the substance are all next steps. It is imperative that the process is started sooner rather than later as the longer a person is addicted, the harder it becomes to stop,” according to Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC.

Instead of fussing and nagging about his addiction, help him overcome it. He might not have an idea he’s already suffering an addiction because he might think it is only for past time, so you have to make him realize that yes, time is already passing him by!